How Parents Can Help Their Children in Their School Work

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30th December 2020

Parents can help their children in their school work by providing information on the problem, with supporting facts. Normal and usual family attitudes, discussions and events can then be explained as extensions of school content.

How Teachers can Help

Teachers, as contacts between families and schools, have a great opportunity. To encourage families to discuss educational matters at home. Especially, those that are reinforcing the work done at school.

Effective communication between parents and teachers promotes parent participation in children’s learning and enhances family self-esteem.

Children Remember Positive As Well As Negative Facts

Taught By Parents Children can better understand negative situations if parents describe other possibilities. That produce the same result without negative consequences.

Encouraging parents to talk about the relative good effects of home behavior. That is more acceptable may set the stage for role modeling by parents at home.

Teachers make themselves available to meet with parents to explain curriculum, evaluation procedures, capability learning issues. And the effects of their encouragement on children’s growth and development.

Parents appreciate getting positive feedback but must also be prepared for the occasional negative comments. And attempts at providing information that point up the child’s deficiencies.

Children will remember negative facts taught by parents more accurately than they remember positive facts.

How Parents Can Help Their Children in Their School Work
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Cooperation between teachers and parents

Teachers and parents working together can help make children aware of their self-worth and utilize or vocation aids available to the child.

“Every parent has the right and duty to give their child guidance”l5 Many parents nurture a desire for success in their children’s lives.

Parents will more strongly motivate their children to excel in music, sports, and dance. Than in conceptual subjects such as history and geography.

Cooperation between educators, parents, and those affected by the need is important for improving the quality of education used in working with all handicapped children in need of special education services.

Once your dream of a better world for your child with any kind of handicap becomes your major purpose, everything else will fall into position.

You will find yourself developing an easier attitude toward or accepting those everyday frustrations you encounter in dealing with teachers and schools.

Your life-style will embrace more of the qualities that help people feel fulfilled, creative, and happy.

“…Never is the influence of parents over their charges greater than at the period when their physical growth slows; it is then that they exert an increasing influence over how their children perceive the world about them and how they fashion their vision for themselves-as a group or individual.

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