How to Teach Kids Decision-Making Skills

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31st March 2021

It’s one thing to be a good decision-maker. It’s another to be a good decision-maker who makes the right decisions all the time.

However, if you want your kids to grow up with strong decision-making skills, you have to teach them how to make the right decisions.

Here are some ways you can do that:

Ask questions

If your child wants something that will affect his life, like a new pet or a pair of earrings, don’t just give it to him.

Ask him what he thinks about it and why he wants it. The more information he has, the better his decision will be.

Make him think about what he really wants and needs before making a choice (and avoid bribery). Some people choose things just because they’re free or cheap or because they can get them easily.

But that doesn’t mean they really want them! Make sure your child is really considering his options before choosing something for himself.

When you’re looking at options, talk about what you might lose if you choose one thing over another.

Say, “If we buy this TV, we won’t have enough money for those new roller skates.” Or “If we buy these earrings for you now, we won’t have enough money for these roller skates later.”

When your child thinks about what she might lose in addition to whatever she gets now, she’ll usually make better choices!

Let your child to take control

In summary, it’s important to give your child a sense of control over his life. The more choices he has, the better he’ll feel about himself and the better he’ll make decisions.

It’s also important to give him a lot of information so that he can make good decisions. And when you’re looking at options, make sure you talk about what you might lose if you choose one thing over another.

But most of all, just be a good role model. You are your child’s best teacher. Show her how to make good decisions by making good decisions yourself.

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