Why does studying in university make students unhappy? University is a place where students find many opportunities to express their passion and to find friends. But why does it make them unhappy? Why do some university students prefer a school life, which is full of schedule and has no sense of freedom? 1. Balancing Work […]

Studying overseas is an amazing opportunity to learn about other cultures, meet new people, and expand your horizons. It could be one of the best experiences of your life. However, since it’s such a big undertaking, there are a few things you should do before you go. You have to make sure you’re prepared both […]

Masa depan untuk seorang calon mahasiswa sangat tergantung pada keputusan yang diambil. Setiap pilihan jurusan kuliah memiliki sejumlah kelebihan dan kekurangan. Maka bagaimana cara menentukan jurusan kuliah terbaik, sesuai dengan permasalahan atau kebutuhan masing-masing? Tentu calon mahasiswa membutuhkan berbagai informasi tentang jurusan kuliah terbaik, karena memilih jurusan itu bisa menjadi penentu masa depan. Ada beberapa […]

Healthy student lifestyle is actually a balance life of a student. They can haave a good students life while maintaining their private lives. However, it has different meanings to different people, and there is no one definition for this term. For some people, healthy students lifestyle means getting enough sleep and exercise and eating a […]

Coosing the University can be very challenging for a new students. It will give you great effect in the future. There are many factors that every student should consider when choosing his university, whether it is public or private. In this guide, you will find what to consider when choosing a university and how to […]

Make your time in University can be one of the most challenging parts when you are in University life. So, you’ve done it. You’ve got yourself a place in university, and now you have to get through it. For most of us, our academic journey may not be the most fun time in our lives, […]

Life hacks for University is the way you can do to make a balance life during your college life. It’s finally time to move into your university accommodation, and you have absolutely no idea what you are going to do with yourself. Dorm life can be tricky. Everyone tells you that you will be fine […]

Rejected scholarship application sometimes happen to a student. Thats why you need to know how to overcome it. Most schools have a scholarship committee that sees the applications for review and decides which student will receive the award. Suppose you feel that you were unfairly denied a scholarship. In this situation, you can appeal to […]

Overseas scholarships are among the most effective ways students can ease the financial burden of their education. Students who experience a lot of financial hardship would find it beneficial to look for one. Scholarships are available in different forms and from various sources, including online scholarship applications, school-specific scholarship opportunities, various organizations and institutions. The […]