Videos allow for better communication between learners and instructors. For example, videos can be used to show learners how to do something. This article has been published on eLearning Industry. How To Create Engaging Videos For Your Courses Video in eLearning has come a long way since the days of slideshows and PowerPoint. Today, video […]

Usually, oral examinations are done in an hour or less – and it has a huge contribution to your overall score in your language subject. Your grade depends on how you do well in your oral examination, aside from listening comprehensions and written examinations.  Oral examination boosts your confidence to speak out yourself and it […]

Sticking into your study habits will surely help you become a successful student in Singapore. Setting up goals for your studies can absolutely make learning and schooling more efficient. With these routines, you will be able to achieve your goals, dreams, and have excelling results academically.  If these routines are practiced repeatedly, they will be […]

If you are doing some household chores or even something important and your child bothers you a lot, what is your initial response? Do you shout at them? Do you give them some punishments? What about if he/she is not doing good in school? Do you ground him/her?  Well, honestly speaking, every Singaporean parent has […]

In Singapore, there are many parents who have problems dealing with the behavior of their children whose age are between 11 to 14 years old. The most common problem of Singaporean parents is when they ask their children to do a simple task or just even asking some questions without reacting harshly. Some parents are […]

At a young age, the biggest question you might ask your child is “What do you want to become when you grow up?” It sounds simple, but there’s a long road to take to become one. Whether your child wants to be a doctor, a policeman, a pilot, an author, a baker or a chef, […]

Becoming a home or online tutor in Singapore provides you with beneficial listening, interpersonal, and communication skills. Being a tutor means you must explain each concept in different ways so that your student will understand clearly. Tutoring allows you to improve your communication skills as you need to explain the most complex topic in a […]

The learning environment can be the biggest challenge for the tuition centers in Singapore as they are so many students who prefer the same respective tutor. Thus, managing and catering up with large demand does require a sort of extraordinary intelligence. Sometimes, it gets really hard for the teacher to maintain a positive learning environment […]

Online tuition classes are projected in such a way as to help the student learn in a smart way and help them adapt to the new era of educational training. Still, many obstacles hinder the capabilities of such students and these obstacles never get revealed in front of the teacher. There are thousands of ways […]

For some teachers, it is very hard to become an effective online tutor and they struggle to study the mind of their students. Effective online tutoring involves examining the weaknesses of the students and helping them to cope with it. It is difficult for teachers to develop relationship with the students online. Thus, there exist […]