The main difference between mobile learning and eLearning is that eLearning has more advanced features and helps learners to learn more efficiently. This article has been published on eLearning Industry. How Is Mobile Learning Different from eLearning? The world is becoming more and more mobile. As technology progresses, the concept of digital literacy also develops. […]

mLearning is a type of online training where the learning process is not only based on information provided by instructors but also uses mobile devices as part of the training materials. These include tablets, smartphones, laptops, or even PDAs. mLearning makes use of multimedia technologies like images, videos, text, and audio clips as well as […]

We started off by asking about the benefits of a mobile-learning approach, the level of interest in implementing mobile learning, and which devices were preferred. In general, the most important aspect was a student’s ability to use a mobile device to stay connected to school at all times. The majority of respondents felt that mobile […]

Mobile learning is one of the fastest growing trends in higher education. As mobile learning becomes more mainstream, educators and developers are looking for innovative ways to engage students on their mobile devices. What makes a course engaging? How can you make your courses mobile-friendly? How can you create a high-quality learning experience for your […]