Training Management System vs LMS: Which One Do You Need for Employee Training?

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23rd April 2023

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Know The Difference Between Training Management System and LMS

Before choosing a tool for employee training, you need to know the difference between a training management system and LMS. Here are some of the differences:

LMS is an acronym for Learning Management System. The software that helps in managing the entire learning process from enrolment to assessment and reporting.

It offers a central platform where learners can log in to access all learning resources and take tests and assessments.

The system also handles all the trainer’s administrative tasks. For examples are the registration for courses, the system administration, the reporting, and the tracking of attendance. It also focuses on the back-office processes.

Training management system on the other hand is a comprehensive system. It offers everything that an LMS does along with additional features like performance management, payroll, reporting, etc.

LMS is more of a software than a tool. It means that it does not replace the need for other software like ERP, HR, CRM, and so on.

So the best option might be to use both tools at the same time.

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Selecting A Tool That Meets Your Needs

LMS and training management systems are different tools that serve different purposes. They both have their own pros and cons.

You need to evaluate your business requirement before you can decide which one is best for you.

For example, if you are looking for software that will help you improve employee productivity, employee engagement, and workplace culture. Then, a training management system is the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you want to track learners’ progress through learning analytics, and measure learner satisfaction, LMS is the right choice for you.

They allow you to create and manage your e-learning content. It can also enroll and communicate with your students, and track and evaluate their performance.

It enables you to quickly track your progress and your performance. Thus, it provides comprehensive reports in order to plan your future training.

Both universities and large corporations that host self-paced or blended learning modules online usually use the Learning Management Systems.

All this equates to creating a safer work environment for all employees. It is possible to minimize the risk of having employees who stay behind.

It will help your business create personalized learning experiences. There are able to be completed anytime, anywhere, and also helpful for business growth.

Platform with All Learning Modalities Support

You need to evaluate your business requirements before choosing an LMS or training management system as not all platforms support all learning modalities like classroom-based, e-learning, or blended learning.

For example, while Moodle is an open-source LMS platform that supports classroom-based learning, Learning Locker is a cloud-based training management system that offers a range of features like online assessments, classroom training, etc.

Accessed by unlocking the navigation, corporate learners can now choose the online training and coursework they want to take.

As long as the company learners are able to log into the portal, they will learn more and hone their skills.

If you empower your employees to take on new responsibilities and tasks, you will be able to keep them engaged and excited.

What is more, it can help improve the user experience by saving time and reducing manual tasks.

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Customization Options

While choosing an LMS or training management system for employee training, make sure it offers customization options so that you can add your own logo, brand colors and add custom courses.

Also, look for a platform that offers customization options for content so that you can make changes to the content in a way that matches your company’s style and standards.

Choose a platform that has an extensive library of training videos so that you can show videos of employees demonstrating the tasks they need to learn.

The best LMS for employee training is a platform that allows you to create new courses, train employees on different skills and tasks, and track their progress.

No matter what type of installation you choose, keep in mind that you should have two types of users.

One is the online learner who uses the learning management system to participate in the online training courses.

The other is your eLearning team that relies on the LMS platform to disburse information and update the online training content.

Real-Time Reporting

An LMS or training management system for employee training should offer real-time reporting so that you can keep track of learners’ progress in real-time.

Training companies lack the business intelligence and reporting that they need in order to improve their business.

You should also look for a platform that offers detailed reporting on learner engagement, behavior analytics, etc. which will help you measure learner satisfaction.

In order to begin practicing lean learning, organizations must move away from measuring the number of credits earned to measuring the number of business outcomes created.

Scalability of The Tool

You need to check the scalability of an LMS or training management system before you start using it.

You should check if it is easy to use and has all the features that you need to run a successful employee training program. It should also offer easy integration with other systems so that you can share data with other departments in your organization.

You should also check if the LMS is affordable for your organization. It is not easy to purchase an LMS that is affordable and can handle all your training needs.

Create Your Learning System With Cudy

Now that you know the difference between training management system and LMS, along with their pros and cons, you can make an informed decision about which one is best for your business.

Choose a training management system if you are looking for a software that will help you run a successful employee training program.

However, if you want to track learners’ progress through learning analytics and measure learner satisfaction, then LMS is the right choice for you. 

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