Most online training courses are built to cater to a specific audience. For this reason, they often become outdated and irrelevant as time passes. When this occurs, the course owners are faced with deciding to do nothing or take action. Choosing the right course of action can be difficult, especially with the number of options […]

Work diversity is the key to a successful business. Diversity in work is one of the critical factors that can make your business successful. Without this factor, no matter how much you try to market your business, it will always remain minor and unable to grow.  The world is filled with diversity. The number of the […]

What is Just In Time Training? Just in Time Training for Active Learning in The Workplace is a structured program. It comprises five modules divided into smaller modules. Each module comprises several sections, with each unit containing a few brief lectures. At the beginning of each lecture session, the course instructors tailor the content for […]

Online learning nowadays becomes one of the most common method for both students and teachers. Most of us are familiar with the “notebook” concept of taking notes in lectures. However, with the rise of online learning, there has been a growing trend for online course providers to encourage their students to take effective notes in […]

Training process is one of the most important part for the employee before they enter the company. . The purposes can be walking, learning how to read or reach academic excellence, and becoming successful in what we do. Just like humans need the training to be successful, employees at an organization require training process for […]

Training program is the way for you to get the best educational system for your self-development. In today’s world, training is necessary for employees. Still, it is also a business imperative for companies to provide the required training and development to their employees to keep the workforce updated with the latest knowledge, ideas, and skills […]

Educational platform is the place where the edcators and the learners meet to learn. Over the past few years, we have seen an exponential growth in the adoption of training platforms for educators. We are constantly seeing new tools and products emerging to facilitate training and learning in schools, universities, and organizations. One of the […]

Learning is a process of doing and observing, which is carried out by the learner through their interaction with the content. This interaction between the learner and the content is what constitutes the learning process, and this is the main focus of this article. This article has been published on eLearning Industry. How To Implement […]

The shortening of attention spans is an important trend that affects how employees are trained. In an age where everything can be accessed online, most people want quick answers to their questions. They want it now, and they want it now without having to search for it. As a result, training programs are moving towards […]

eLearning is an important aspect of any learning strategy and in the modern world, every business and organization needs to develop its own eLearning curriculum. In this article, we will look at the various factors that should be considered during the eLearning development process. This article has been published on eLearning Industry. What You Need […]