Bubble Tea and Budgeting Living in Singapore is expensive, and as students with no (or minimal) income, we definitely feel the pinch. All those bubble teas, movies, and fidget spinners add up, and if you’re not keeping track of your budget, you can quickly find yourself with an empty wallet – not a good feeling!  […]

The Role of Parents The lives of young people in Singapore are filled with long years of hard work and academic pressure, where they are pushed to internalize difficult concepts for nationwide examinations. Poor performance on a test or exam (or even the mere thought of failure) can cause great stress and anxiety. As parents, […]

Our interview with Nigel Fernandez Name: Nigel Fernandez  Occupation: Freelance tutor, student, manages and blogs for the Capitalistlad  You can watch his interview video here:  Click here to go to the video  Nigel has been a tutor since 2015 and is currently tutoring 4 students in O Level Mathematics while also managing the Capitalistlad, a […]

The Search for the Right Tutor Finding the right tutor tends to be a frustrating process. With so many factors to consider – cost, distance, tutor’s level of expertise and teaching style – it’s never easy to find a good match. Parents find themselves spending lots of time (and cash) looking through advertisements, and taking […]

No-Size-Fits-All There’s increasing evidence to prove what teachers have suspected for a long time: Education is not one-size-fits-all. A child’s personality and the way they process and retain information differs from child to child. Understanding your child’s natural learning style can help you choose teaching methods that will help them learn best, as well as […]

Learn and study in bed We’ve all had those mornings where getting out of bed feels a little too painful. With online interactive tools, students can learn while staying warm and cosy under the blankets. All that’s needed is a laptop to enable instant connection with tutors from all over the country. Online interactive tools […]

The Rat Race School can feel like a rat race, and it’s natural for parents to worry that their child is falling behind. As a result, anxious parents often fill up their children’s days with hours of tuition, studying, more tuition, and even more studying. However, this can leave your child feeling tired and unmotivated, […]

How live-streaming tuition can help your child learn Singapore is in the midst of the digital transformation – from online shopping, banking, watching the latest movies, and paying for taxis. Technology has made our lives easier by allowing us to get things done quickly and easily, all with the touch of a button.  The team […]

The Struggle If you’re a student in Singapore, tuition is probably a huge part of your life. From a young age, many of us struggle with finding the right tutor, and waste time rushing from one tuition centre to another. Wouldn’t life be easier if you could attend tuition online? Being stressed-out students ourselves, our […]