Online training is becoming a very popular alternative to traditional training. This technology is more practical and easier to access, especially for people who cannot attend the classroom training. In this case, many people are switching their coaching from traditional to online, since they think online coaching is better, more convenient, and requires less effort. […]

Most companies use online employee training programs to train their staff, but very few measures their impact. This article will talk not only the benefits of employee training but also how you can evaluate it properly. Benefits of Employee Training Training evaluation is an important process because it helps in determining whether the trainees have […]

Corporate training is an essential part of corporate culture. Employees who attend training are more productive, they feel more confident and they are more loyal. But what if you have not implemented the best training system? What if your employees are unhappy with their training sessions? In such cases, you might not get the expected […]

Learning & Development (L&D) experts share strategies for training remote employee during a time of emergency. Amid the recent Ebola crisis, organisations have been forced to confront a tough challenge: how do you train and develop a workforce that is spread across the globe? To answer this question, L&D leaders are turning to online learning […]

The implementation project plan is the backbone of any successful LMS implementation. It provides the structure and guidelines for your project to succeed. As a team leader, it’s your job to make sure everyone is on the same page about how the implementation project plan should look. No training programs, no material, and no software […]

Training and development professionals have a challenge. We task them with building a training program that is both valuable to the sales team and easy to follow. But many times, sales enablement programs fail. Mostly because they lack structure, aren’t integrated into the business or sales cycle, or simply aren’t effective. And with limited time […]

Online course is a flexible training conducted in online platform. Mobile learning technologies can help people take essential formal training wherever and whenever they want—straight to their phones. While creating online courses for employee training might seem intimidating, there are several ways to make it a lot easier. This article will go over the steps […]

Training process is one of the most important part for the employee before they enter the company. . The purposes can be walking, learning how to read or reach academic excellence, and becoming successful in what we do. Just like humans need the training to be successful, employees at an organization require training process for […]

The shortening of attention spans is an important training program that affects how employees work. In an age where everything can change into online, most people want quick answers to their questions. They want it now, and they want it now without having to search for it. As a result, training programs are moving towards […]