Group study is a beneficial study technique that helps in learning. It is an excellent way to use time wisely, and also it helps in understanding the topic better. It helps the student to concentrate and focus on the topic, set aside their difference, and also a good experiment for the teacher. This study method […]

A last-minute revision can do wonders. After the revision, you should still prepare the study plan. The plan will be helpful to achieve better results in the PSLE. The above mentioned tips will make your study plan effective. As a student, you can only succeed if you study for PSLE with a good preparation plan. […]

If you have good study habits, congratulations! But if you are having a hard time to maintain your study habits and get rid of your bad study habits, don’t worry. It is never too late to change your bad habits and be an excellent student. You can do it! Here are 9 tips on how […]

Whether classical music or rock music, we can all agree that the playing of music has a great impact on our brain and body. However, some people have the habit of listening to music while studying. People believe a child who listens to music while studying will retain more information. Listening to music stimulates brain […]

Whether it‘s elementary school, middle school, or high school, you can improve your child‘s performance by making some simple changes. The following are 10 tips to help your child learn better and perform better in school. 1. Start Early It’s never too early to start a program of regular reading and spelling. A young child’s […]

You want your child to succeed in school, but you don’t want them to cram all night and learn in a robotic way. Here are some ways you can help your child learn better and enjoy the process. 1. Make learning fun We live in a world of constant fun. We can watch movies, play […]

There are various kinds of people out there, with different abilities and skills. People are different, but what is the best way to study for everyone? Some people can study by themselves and others need to be taught by someone else. It depends on the person, and how they learn best. This article will be […]

The most effective way to learn something is to put in some time, reflect on it, and then put in some more time. That’s how you learn. You think about what you’ve learned, and then you apply it. That repetition is how your brain forms memories. So, the best way to learn a new language […]

Math PSLE tips is the best way for elementarystudents in Singapore to prepare the PSLE, particularly in Math. Tackling the PSLE Maths paper can be a nightmare for students. The paper looks at applying concepts and problem-solving skills rather than just rote learning formulas and steps to solve problems in a topic. What is the PSLE? […]