1. Explore your own personality. Before you jump into teaching, make sure you know what kind of teacher you are. Some people are born teachers and some people aren’t. Are you a laid back type of person or a serious one? Do you like to keep things organized or do you prefer chaos? There are […]

Today’s competitive world has opened new opportunities for Indians and their professional skills. Many Indians are working abroad in multinational companies. In this article, we will take a look at how Indians can get teaching opportunities and how to find international students to start your tutoring career. How can an Indian online tutor get international […]

Education is an essential component of life. It is a process that shapes a person’s future and prepares him/her for the ever-changing society. Each year, there are millions of students graduate from universities all over the world. But, what happens to those who do not have the money to attend school? What happens to those […]

In today’s society, most people have a full-time job. Many of them work from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. In such a busy society, most parents are not able to spend enough time with their children. This means that children have to study on their own at home. Therefore, a good tutor can help a […]

Finding an experienced tutor is not always easy. Some people advertise online but are not willing to travel to your area. Others are willing to travel, but the fees are higher than you expected. The most effective way to find tutors online is to ask your friends, neighbours and relatives if they know anyone who […]

There are many social networks online for educators. The most popular of these networks would be Duolingo, Quizlet, and Cudy. The eLearning platform Cudy.co/sg was a concept that was being developed for a while, and recently the public has started to discover it more. What is Cudy? Nowadays, online learning has become popular amongst students and […]

Reason #1: Flexibility The flexibility of online tutoring allows you to fit it into your schedule, unlike a traditional tutor. You can also access your online tutor at any time, whether it’s early in the morning or late at night. Your online tutor is always available for you. Reason #2: Convenience Online tutoring is more […]