Some people may have thought that it would be easy to get students to take tuition fee in classes with the rise of tuition centres, given that there are many tuition centres in Singapore, particularly in some areas. However, the large quantity of tuition centres in Singapore may not necessarily mean that the number of […]

Learn chinese now becomes very important for students and employees. China is one of the most important countries in the world. It is located in Asia, and its people speak Mandarin Chinese. It is very famous for its huge population and has over 1.3 billion people living there. There are many languages spoken in China, […]

For some tutors, the concept of teaching online remains foreign to them. For others, it’s a trade-skill that they possess in the teaching industry. Despite Cudy, a virtual classroom that preserves interactivity between students and tutors, some tutors still struggle with transitioning from traditional to online teaching. So, here are some tips to improve online […]