Photo by Centre for Ageing Better on Unsplash Types of financial aid can be a form of assistance provided to students with the intention of allowing them to pursue their education. It can be in the form of financial assistance, scholarships, or grants. There are many sources of financial aid in Singapore and each has […]

Tuition centers have been around for a long time and are very common in Singapore. Tuition agency in Singapore provides private tuition classes to students who are struggling or wish to excel further with their skills. Most of them are in school areas, like Tampines and Jurong West, where there is a high concentration of […]

1. Loans Financial aid Singapore is thefacility for government if the citizen need loan or funding facility. The main loan that is offered by the government is the Ministry of Education (MOE) Tuition Grant. The grant, as the name suggests, covers the tuition fees of all Singaporean students studying in Singapore. It also covers other […]

In Singapore, the online tutoring services market is a big industry, and it is increasing. In Singapore, more parents are becoming aware of the importance of home-based business such as the tuition industry in helping their children achieve their academic goals. There are many reasons why students require home tuition services: 1. The student is […]

Home tuition is a good alternative for a student who want to study from home. The student can get their desired education from home without any pressure. However, it has a lot of advantages as well as disadvantages for the student. It isn’t easy to select the right tuition agency as they are not the […]

Home or private tuition is the process of tutoring a student in a home environment. It is an alternative form of learning for students who do not have the time to attend regular classes. Tutors in this field are known as private tuition teachers, private tutors, or home tutors. Private tutoring can be provided by […]

For some teachers, it is very hard to become an effective online tutor and they struggle to study the mind of their students. Effective online tutoring involves examining the weaknesses of the students and helping them to cope with it. It is difficult for teachers to develop relationship with the students online. Thus, there exist […]

For some tutors, the concept of teaching online remains foreign to them. For others, it’s a trade-skill that they possess in the teaching industry. Despite Cudy, a virtual classroom that preserves interactivity between students and tutors, some tutors still struggle with transitioning from traditional to online teaching. So, here are some tips to improve online […]

Here are some tips and tricks for you to maximize the most out of your online-learning lessons with Cudy. Fill ¾ of the screen with your face. Sit close to the webcam. Use a headset with a talk piece (e.g. iPhone headphones). Hit “T” or the microphone icon to talk. Stop eating during lessons. Leave […]

If you’ve heard of Cudy (“kew-dee”), you’d definitely know that it’s an online tuition-matching platform. If you didn’t, well, Cudy serves as a marketplace for students to match with their choice of teacher and learn from them online in real time (think, Carousell for online tuition). Unlike your traditional take on learning, Cudy has found the […]