Home tutor is one of the best facility we can give for our children. As parents, we want the best for our children. We want them to grow up to be responsible adults. We believe that our responsibility is to make sure that they learn the necessary skills to become productive members of society. However, […]

High school tutor is someone who can help students to get best result in their study. Many students in high school are looking for help with their studies and academic success. The amount of homework overwhelms them and they have to deal with the pressure of being successful. Some students have more difficulty than others and […]

English teacher is now one of the most important for all schools not only in the native speaker countries, but also in another countries. The nation of Malaysia is home to over 30 million people, and it’s a country with great geographical diversity. It’s an exciting mix of the modern and the traditional, making it […]

Konsistensi belajar, dalam arti tidak memperlihatkan kelebihan yang cukup lama, menjadi faktor utama untuk belajar efektif. Konsistensi tersebut merupakan sebuah kunci yang tidak bisa dilepaskan. Dengan kata lain, jika ingin belajar secara konsisten, maka kita harus memiliki kemampuan untuk fokus dalam mempelajari suatu materi. Akan tetapi, ketika mempelajari suatu topik dalam waktu lama, kita seringkali […]

Many Singaporeans are still earning less than $1,000 per month. For them, part time tutoring jobs are a very good option. You can get the flexibility of your time to manage your other work and family responsibilities. You can earn extra income from teaching or tutoring kids, especially during school holidays. You will be able […]

Burnout is not just an issue for full-time tutors, but also for those who tutor on the side. It can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to squeeze too much into a small amount of time. In fact, I have even seen burnout among tutors who tutor in their spare time while […]

For some teachers, it is very hard to become an effective online tutor and they struggle to study the mind of their students. Effective online tutoring involves examining the weaknesses of the students and helping them to cope with it. It is difficult for teachers to develop relationship with the students online. Thus, there exist […]

For some tutors, the concept of teaching online remains foreign to them. For others, it’s a trade-skill that they possess in the teaching industry. Despite Cudy, a virtual classroom that preserves interactivity between students and tutors, some tutors still struggle with transitioning from traditional to online teaching. So, here are some tips to improve online […]