For some tutors, the concept of teaching online remains foreign to them. For others, it’s a trade-skill that they possess in the teaching industry. Despite Cudy, a virtual classroom that preserves interactivity between students and tutors, some tutors still struggle with transitioning from traditional to online teaching. So, here are some tips to improve online […]

Here are some tips and tricks for you to maximize the most out of your online-learning lessons with Cudy. Fill ¾ of the screen with your face. Sit close to the webcam. Use a headset with a talk piece (e.g. iPhone headphones). Hit “T” or the microphone icon to talk. Stop eating during lessons. Leave […]

If you’re a living, breathing human being, chances are that the concept of procrastination isn’t foreign to you. I mean all of us has had experienced it at some point in our lives, possibly even now. Essentially, procrastination is just resistance that entices you to delay and postpone something.   Why do we procrastinate? If […]