For Singaporeans, studying is the main key to have a successful future. They give everything to their children to provide them a high-quality of education and lead a better and successful life in the future. In Singapore, the education system is important and many parents chose to also enroll their children in online tuition.  With […]

Children love to make use of the technology and its use increases their intelligence in a way that can see the world with all the different perspectives. Online businesses have taken over the world ranging from ecommerce stores to online tuition providers. Every online business has some advantages and disadvantages over the conventional business markets. […]

The learning environment can be the biggest challenge for the tuition centers in Singapore as they are so many students who prefer the same respective tutor. Thus, managing and catering up with large demand does require a sort of extraordinary intelligence. Sometimes, it gets really hard for the teacher to maintain a positive learning environment […]

Online tuition classes are projected in such a way as to help the student learn in a smart way and help them adapt to the new era of educational training. Still, many obstacles hinder the capabilities of such students and these obstacles never get revealed in front of the teacher. There are thousands of ways […]

Here are some tips and tricks for you to maximize the most out of your online-learning lessons with Cudy. Fill ¾ of the screen with your face. Sit close to the webcam. Use a headset with a talk piece (e.g. iPhone headphones). Hit “T” or the microphone icon to talk. Stop eating during lessons. Leave […]